It’s all relative!

Beril is a troubled teenager, and she is not glad about that. Moreover, she is preparing for the presentation she must give at school next month. The topic she chose is very ambitious:

Einstein’s relativity theorems!

But why does a 13 years-old teenage girl choose such a topic? Because she’s such a science lover? Because she wants to brag about it? Because relativity is the hip topic of the year? Beril is not really a brilliant student… and she has no clue what relativity is. She has to work day and night to learn but she is certain about one thing: No one, including Einstein himself can draw as much attention as what Beril will tell about the theory of relativity! Beril, who has nothing to do with science, approaches day by day to science and she relates us how she does it in her diary. On the other hand, she faces a big triangular black hole in her emotional space: She likes a boy, the boy likes another girl with whom Beril is not really friends.

The author Toprak Işık, known for his talent to bring popular science topics and entertaining stories together, has now written a fun treatise about the scientific peculiarities of time and space. Through a fun and easy way, Işık makes it possible for Beril to learn the first and second theories of relativity.

It’s all relative is a book that explain the theory of relativity with the easiest, yet the most entertaining language. Between two chuckles, the little readers will find out about why Beril wants to travel to Space to take a break from her boring, superficial classmate Ecem or why it’s so hip to talk about black holes, that even peasants in villages are raving about them all the time.

Tudem, 2017, 120 pages

Themes: Science, theory of relativity,

teenage and puberty, reaching success

Age: 9+



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