Yo-yo narrates the short term friendship between Tuman and Yo-Yo, a misfit and an odd character wearing too large clothes and speaking too big words. Yo-Yo is a bit of a mystery for everyone around, including Tuman for he lives alone and does not reveal any information about his family. What makes him particularly particular is that he wants to grant all grown-ups the liberty to bullshit again.

So, what sort of a mystery is Yo-Yo in?

Imagine your entire life to be a theater play. Even while you are sitting alone in your room, there might be some invisible audience watching you right now. So why should you care? What would happen if you scream and jump? “

Novel, Tudem, 2013, 336 pages

Themes: Friendship, feelings,

adults-children relations, regretting,


Age: 10+



Written By
The Bogeyman
This is not a regular, traditional tale. We do not have time...
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