Yellower than the Sun, Sweeter than Honey

The little heroine Naz meets one day a giraffe in the forest and they become friends. She calls her new friend ‘Uzunbal’ and the two follow the ‘White Path’ opened up by the Giant Snail. In fact, Naz wants to find the Giant Snail. While following the path, they meet the clumsy dwellers of Clumsyland, the Red Man, who lives in the Neighborless House, The Dispose-Off village where everything is disposable and other different and interesting characters. At the end of the way, they find the Giant Snail. But convincing it is not so easy…


Novel, Tudem, 2009, 104 pages

Themes: Friendship, yearning,

helping, love for animals, empathy

Age: 8+



Written By
the shades of kafrika
In the first episode Naz and Uzunbal were searching for the Giant...
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