Farmer Ants against Slaver Ants

We all know ants as hardworking animals. But some ant colonies do not work at all – they prefer to exploit others. What if somebody revolts against this system? What happens when worker ants refuse to be slaves and fight for their liberty?

Farmer Ants against Slaver Ants is a story founded on these questions. The story brings us to a worker ants’ colony, where ants live, work and produce on their own. Life seems to be in order until the day slave-holder ants want to kidnap the offspring of worker ants as well as their products. But there is one thing they do not take into account: Resistance!

With this story about freedom, resistance and change, the young and talented author Toprak Işık melts imagination and scientific facts together in a pot and invites young readers to a fascinating and informative journey in the world of ants.

Novel, Tudem, 2010, 112 pages

Themes: War and peace, solidarity,

collective mind, questioning power

Age: 8+



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