who are you?

While taking the daily garbage out in the evening, a mother discovers the dolls her daughter Elif has thrown away: They are all in pieces, hair pulled, limbs broken. What is going wrong?

In another house, a woman brings home old, thrown away dolls she found at dumpsites. She is convinced the jewellery pieces she will create with doll limbs will be  blockbusters. Her son, Mert is of another opinion.

When Elif’s cousin Berna falls off a bridge in a mysterious accident, the roads of Elif and Mert will cross. While they will try to shed light on how the accident did happen, they will learn a lot about the hidden faces of their friends and relatives for they all hide something about the story. Was it Berna’s boyfriend Semih who pushed her down? Was it a suicide? Did Berna try to avenge on her boyfriend?

Who are You? is a novel about the pursuit of identity, first love, twists of fate and online relationships, reflecting the feelings and psychological ups and downs of teenagers in a school environment along with a mysterious, thrilling story.

Novel, Tudem, 2011, 128 pages

Themes: Puberty, identity, first love,

friends, empathy

Age: 11+



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