When Nun Comes

It was a boring day for Cansu. She searched everywhere for a piece of chocolate and did everything in order to procrastinate but it hardly changed her mood. Unlike what she had promised to her mother, Cansu decided to go out and meet her friend, then wants to see the newborn pups at the end of the street. But she gets lost on the way. While wandering around, she meets a shoe painter Dumcuk, a child like her who takes her to G.F.E (Good For Everything), who gives Cansu a small fairy called “Nun” so that she can safely find her way to home.

Nun comes from a different planet; he shows Cansu that a different life is possible, that human greed and selfishness is destroying the planet. But Cansu and her friend Dumcuk think they can need some money too – Dumcuk’s father is a treasure hunter, who carries out illegal excavations in order to find old artifacts and sell them to smugglers. Will the kids resist the temptation or join the team to steal some remains?

Novel, Tudem, 2002, 88 pages

Themes: imagination, change,

empathy, responsibility, adventure

Age: 8+



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