what the fog hides

We all know crows live for a long, long time. And they happen to be wise and intelligent creatures. Crows start drawing Ilay’s attention roughly at the same time her mother announces that she will send her to her aunt for the summer holiday, who lives in a remote village. Heartbroken by an unrequited love, Ilay accepts to go there and meet her farmer aunt. In the train, she meets Fuat, the son of a genetics engineer who works in a laboratory near the village where Ilay is heading to. The existence of a science laboratory in such a tiny village is strange enough, plus Ilay and Fuat meet a strange guy in the train and Ilay hears strange happenings from her aunt. And finally she meets the Blue Crow, a very old -and very wise- crow who tells her about what’s really happening in the laboratory: An international team is trying to transmit genes from crows to humans, in order to obtain human beings who will live forever.

What the Fog Hides is a thrilling fantasy novel that actually harps around themes that are no longer a fantasy: Genetic engineering and genetically altered organisms, environmental catastrophes caused by human activity and ordinary lives being affected by it. The novel takes the readers to an intense adventure that becomes at times entertaining and at times, spooky.

Novel, Tudem, 2004, 208 pages

Themes: Fantasy, genetic engineering,

environmental problems, friendship

Age: 10+



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