The little boy is very fond of his one-eared toy Tumpatumpa, an old plush that looks neither like a bunny, nor like a bear. One day it gets lost and this becomes a big tragedy at home. The parents decide to buy a new toy for the boy, which doesn’t impress him much. However, the parents don’t stop buying new things and soon everything is out of control. While the house gets more and more crowded with objects, the boy misses his plush friend a lot. The family has to open up tunnels in all the stuff they bought, in order to move in the house. Finally, they will lose each other in the tunnels…

A hilarious, sarcastic shopping adventure with colorful images, Tumpatumpa is intended for little readers who have just started to read.

By: Güzin Öztürk (writer)
and Emre Karacan (illustrator)
Publisher: Tudem, 2019
Dimensions: 48 pages, illustrated, 15 x 21 cm
Themes: Consumption culture,
family, humor, solving issues
Age group: 7+



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