they just turned me into a witch!

Cemile, nicknamed “Cimcime” is  a lovely little girl with curly hair, dark skin and clever eyes. But lately, she’s in trouble. Despite her loveliness, she doesn’t like her appearance and she is being mobbed by her classmates.

One day Cemile comes out and tells her parents she doesn’t want to go to school anymore because other kids are constantly making fun of her. Especially this trio, Cenk, Savaş and Tamer are annoying her big time. She’s tired of hearing words like “Midget”, “Little black bug” or “ugly witch”. So, it’s time for Cemile to make these kids pay back for what they have done. Especially this trio… How? Of course, with a couple of witch tricks! Cimcime has now a black pointed hat and a magic wand. And she’s so involved in this game, she cannot differentiate dream from reality…

This humorous book is actually about a sad issue: Societal prejudices and how “outsiders” are mobbed out. The story relates how hurtful it is for those affected and how kids can develop methods of coping with difficulties they encounter in the society.

Novel, Tudem, 2011, 88 pages

Themes: Friendship, mobbing at school,

accepting differences, family, school life

Age: 8+



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