The Trefoil

Özge lives with her grandmother in a small village. She takes an exam and succesfully enrolls to a boarding school in İzmir. There, she is introduced to many new things, new friends but also new challenges. One day, she meets the writer of “The Happiness Street” and starts exchanging letters with her.

Özge is encircled with friends and new experiences. But she prefers hiding in her dreams, and in a book. While she is writing to the writer, she is looking for herself and she tries to face her past. Because just like everyone, she has things she wants to hide from others. Her feet, for example. She wants to identify herself with the heroine of a book, and thus clutch to her own life.

Novel, Tudem, 2016, 224 pages

Themes: Friendship, differences,

dreams and realities, setting up a target in life

Age: 10+



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