The Snake Castle

Shahmaran, the queen of snakes is a well-known mythological character in Anatolia. Shaped half as a human and half as a snake, she is betrayed and killed by human beings. This fantastic book is based on this age old story: Shahmaran has left an egg and snakes try to protect the egg from anyone who can harm it. When it’s time, Shahmaran’s daughter is born deep underneath the Snake Castle. But snakes hide the news from everyone, for humans may find out that a new Shahmaran has arrived and kill her too.

At around the same time, an old map that the antiquarian Sami finds between the pages of a book, brings Ihsan the gold digger and his twelve years old nephew Mahir to the Snake castle. İhsan, a greedy man, believes he will find a big treasure in the castle and become rich. Thus he lies to his young nephew and takes his along to dig the Snake Castle.

The human greed and the will to ask for more destroys the nature as well as our cultural heritage everywhere in the world. This book reveals a chapter of Anatolian mythology and shows how ruthless human beings can be towards nature and their own history.

Novel, Tudem, 2014, 128 pages

Themes: Anatolian mythology, superstition,

greed, adventure, solidarity and friendship

Age 10+



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