The skeleton in the lost library

The Skeleton in the Lost Library is a joint work of awarded writers Mavisel Yener and Aytül Akal. This is the first story of an adventure that starts in the famous Celsus Library, situated in the ancient city of Ephesus. Ceylan, is a free soul who likes the ancient site of Ephesus very much, where her father is working as a site guard. She lives with her cat Efes, her turtle Kapkap, the helpful dog Çelimsiz and her friend Ali. One day, the gang discover a hidden passage and find themselves in a thrilling adventure.

Between the lines of this breathtaking adventure, the young reader will find historical information as well. It is no coincidence that the authors have chosen the Library of Celsus as the starting point of the adventure: The monumental value of the library, which was an important cultural center in Anatolia during the Roman Imperial period, is underlined by this book.

This page turner full of history, mystery, curiosities, adventure and excitement was chosen into the Found in Translation anthology, bringing together the best works of children’s literature.

by Mavisel Yener and Aytül Akal

Tudem, 2011, 208 pages

Themes: Archaeoogy,

adventure, history, friendship,

mystery, cultural awareness

Age: 8+



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