the skeleton in the lost library II: The living dead

In the much acclaimed first book of the series The Skeleton in the Lost Library by Mavisel Yener and Aytül Akal, Ceylan and her friends pursued an adventure in the Library of Celsus. Now, new discoveries are awaiting them in Ephesus. Although dead since thousands of years, the “living dead” of Ephesus have important things to tell.

What is the mystery of the secret passage between the Library of Celsus and the theater of Ephesus? Old turtles, cats and poisonous snakes are already on the move to protect their town. While the passage accidentally discovered by Ceylan is excavated by archaeologists, new secrets are unveiled one by one. But an unidentified skeleton found in the passage puts Ceylan’s father, the site guard in a difficult position…

The second episode of The Skeleton in the Lost Library, selected in Found in Translation among the most successful children’s books, invites all young readers to an adventure full of history, mystery and curiosity and drives them to think about cultural and human values.


by Mavisel Yener and Aytül Akal

Novel, Tudem, 2014, 224 pages

Themes: Archaeology, mystery,

adventure, history, friendship,

cultural awareness

Age: 9+



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