the shades of kafrika

In the first episode Naz and Uzunbal were searching for the Giant Snail. After finding it, they decide to return home. However the rain has erased the White Path almost completely. The way back won’t be easy. During they trip, they stop by the “Windless Residence” a settlement completely isolated from the natural world. Then they arbitrate between the house and the tree, with help from the Independent Sunlight. Then they read books with pebbles, find a guard for a historical building called the Museum of Ten-Minute Memories. At the end, Naz finds back home.

Her parents, who were working as helpers in a far away place called Kafrika are also back. Although Naz thinks “Fortunately there are no one in need in our country” she finds out Kafrika is actually where she lives. Once more, she feels proud about her parents.

Two little episodes about a trip one little individual takes to find herself.

Novel, Tudem, 2010, 128 pages

Themes: Friendship, differences,

helping, solidarity

Age: 8+



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