the secret of the temple

Kares and Melissa grew up by their grandparents at the island of Naxos. When they lost their grandmother too, they are left alone. In order to research the roots of their family, they come to Ephesos. However, as soon as they get off the ship, strange incidents follow up each other. Without a reason, everybody in Ephesos hates them; they chase them away, as if they have seen the devil.

However, they are not the only ones who are in trouble. The pharaoh of Egypt is dying and in order to save her daughter the heiress of the throne, the pharaoh sends her to Ephesos. The Egyptian princess Anabis tries to conceal her identity and seeks refuge in the temple of Artemis. Fate makes her road cross that of Kares and Melissa and binds their fate together.

With the help of Rufus the Guide, they seek for a place to stay. But the kids have no choice. They will either abandon the city or find out what is so mysterious about them.

An exciting adventure from ancient times: The curiosity of intertwined secrets lets the story flow but also shows in depth how it feels to be an outcast.


Novel, Tudem, 2012, 160 pages

Themes: Ancient history,

adventure, mystery, solidarity, thrill

Age: 10+



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The Magic Ring
This is the story of a girl suffering from social phobia: Her...
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