the sand swing

This is the story of a sand swing: Every time the swing moves, the sand particles fly away, dissolving slowly a little girl away. An abandoned hotel in the middle of Anatolia tries to survive the old age and lack of maintenance. One day, the empty corridors resound the footsteps of three friends, Kartal, Yasın and Orsay. Yasın finds a small crack in one of the rooms, which hides the diary of an 8 years old deaf girl. This diary was written in year 1963 and hides many secrets that turn the life of two families upside down. Yasın, excited by the fact that he found the treasure of a small girl hidden in a wall for so long, reads the diary. And he fails to realize how similar the story in the diary is to that of his parents…

While readers will wonder where the little girl is, in another town, an egocentric girl called Yıldız is preparing to celebrate her birthday. While her party is about to be spoiled by unwanted guests, the secrets hidden in the hotel come one by one into light. Fact is, this rich girl living in a manor and the abandoned hotel building in a small Anatolian town are as close as the facts written in the diary.

Written in the very typical style of Hanzade Servi, who mixes spooky, mysterious events with her humorous language, The Sand Swing brings together heavy secrets, sorrows buried under silence, old friendships and a pile of sand that stood undisturbed for years.

Novel, Tudem, 2013, 240 pages

Themes: Love, friendship,

communication and solidarity

Age: 10+



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