The Rain-Haired Girl

Once upon a time lived a girl in one far way country, and whenever the girl combed her hair with her silver comb, it rained. Her biggest wish was to discover new lands and meet new people. One day, she related her wishes to a little sparrow. The sparrow cannot do much to make her wishes come true, than relating the story to the Mythic Bird who dwells on a mountaintop. The Mythic Bird takes the Rain-Haired Girl on its back and together they fly to new lands and to let rain fall down.

The awarded children’s book was illustrated with the delicate, beautiful drawings of the young painter, Mavisu Demirağ.

Illustrated by Mavisu Demirağ

Illustrated story, 2004, Tudem, 32 pages

Themes: Imagination, arts, talents

Age: 5+



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