The Phantom Dust

Düşçe is a 9 years old dwelling in a small town. His father works on a thriller hoping to gain fame and fortune with his writing. Her mother owns a bookshop called “Tunnel of Horror”. The grandfather of his best friend Güney, is a retired actor and his neighbors keep on cooking cakes that smell like dust. For Düşçe, all this was business as usual, until when a never-smiling pair and their leukemic daughter Arzu move to the end of the street… At the same time, Düşçe realizes his parents are hiding something and finds out he is to spend his summer vacation at the farm of his grandparents.

The childhood memories await Düşçe at the farm, but he is afraid of losing Arzu. And where are the two best friends of her mother, with whom she was always together as a child? Is the story told be a kid at the farm real? While Düşçe tries to solve the lock of mystery around, the story enfolds the reader more and more and reaches a surprise ending.


Novel, Tudem, 2011, 360 pages

Themes: Mystery, imagination,

supernatural, family and friendship

Age: 10+



Written By
The middlefish
“… I received a letter. This is the very first letter I...
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