the mystery of almarpa

Kaan, a small boy moves with his family from the big city to a village called Köyceğiz, situated near the ancient site of Kaunos. There he makes three good friends who introduce him to a strange guy called “The Birdman”. The Birdman has a little fishing boat and takes the kids along very often to his trips. He is a colorful and interesting character and is quite cultivated. During these boat trips he relates many stories and legends. But the Birdman has a mystery and some of his behaviours put the four friends in doubts about him. Sometimes he chases the kid away, sometimes he dresses up as a tourist and he makes conflicting statements about what he hides in his boat. Although the four like the Birdman very much, they are intrigued by their doubts and find themselves suddenly in a thrilling detective story.

The Mystery of Almarpa was awarded with 2011 Tudem Literature Award. It is a lovely and interesting story about cultural and natural heritage, friendship and mystery.

Novel, Tudem, 2012, 168 pages

Themes: Adventure, mystery,

protection of nature, awareness

Age: 10+



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