The Moonglobe

The “Moonglobe”, a legendary dream globe is under the protection of the Moon Queen Aysila since 6000 years. However, Korkus the Master of Darkness, would like to darken it. The Moonglobe does no longer reflect wonderful dreams flowing through rainbows and glowing in moonshine, but war, hunger, pain and murder. All this is a nightmare! The Moonglobe must be saved from this dark power.

However, it seems hard to return the Moonglobe to its past condition, while the entire Space including Earth is covered by gray, drowning clouds of unhappiness. Aysila unites her powers with her old companion Hontus and involves in a great struggle. The only way out is to find someone who believes in her dreams by heart and who can powerfully dream… But who is still dreaming in this depressive environment?

Our multi-awarded author Koray Avcı Çakman invited readers to a fantasy world of dreams, emphasizing the importance of dreaming and following dreams.

Novel, Tudem, 2017, 120 pages

Themes: Feelings, dreams,

fantasy, good vs. evil

Age: 9+



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