The Magic Ring

This is the story of a girl suffering from social phobia: Her name is Özge, and she is extremely shy. She cannot establish contact with other people and she cannot even defend her most obvious rights. Everybody says a lot about her, that she is so uncool, so clumsy and annoying with her big handkerchief and loud nose-blows. Özge cannot help but hang down her head and hear these humiliations. Her parents try to protect her, to take her to a psychologist and to integrate her to her peers. But nothing works. Özge’s only friend is Melis, a self-confident girl who tries to protect her friend.

In order to change the life of such an introverted teenage girl, whose life is spent between school and home and who is afraid to reveal her interest to her schoolmate Tolga, perhaps a magic wand is necessary. Or perhaps a magic ring that Özge will wear on her finger.

Suddenly, everything changes. Özge becomes all of a sudden an extroverted, self-confident and even agressive person. What changes her so much? Is it the self-esteem she gained thanks to life experiences or the ring she believes to be magic?

Novel, 2014, Tudem, 136 pages

Themes: Teenage times, feelings,

social phobia, communication,

life and society.

Age: 12+



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