the laughing mastic tree

When his teacher asks Arda to write a term paper about “Childhood”, he decides to go to all adults he knows and to ask “Can you tell me your childhood memories?”

Arda includes his own experiences to all memories he hears from his father, his mother and his neighbors. While the story “Laughing Mastic Tree” is about trees standing against the urban spawn, “Don’t Let Gulls Cry” relates what a young neighbor has done in order to protect the gulls affected by an environmental disaster. In “The Fatnose”, the reader laughs about the theater play Arda’s father had written and staged with his friends as a child; “The Kite Valley” adds colors with paper kites children have produced on their own.

The seventeen short stories in the book are reflecting the thoughts we even today question, prejudices, memories and lots of nostalgia.

Short stories, Tudem, 2013

Themes: Memories, imagination,

understanding differences,

respect towards nature and environment

Age: 8+



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