The Inbetween Universe II: The Forbidden Game

Canan, who is a soul stuck between the world of the living and the world of the dead, tries to hide from Tarlakoz, who swore to take her into death forever. In the meanwhile, she tries to unfol the mystery of a painting her “living” friend Kendal has found in a burning house. The painting is weirdly inviting her to come join others “in the forest”. But the painting gets stolen and while searching for it, Canan finds out two of her former classmates, Oya and Aziz are involved in a forbidden computer game that captures frequencies from the hereafter. It was Oya’s computer friek uncle who developed the game but now he resides in a mental institution. The two decide to try the game in an internet cafe; surprisingly, the painting is there too and the game has something to do with the painting.

Canan realizes they stole the painting in order to use it in the game. The two are drawn into the game which uses the painting as an interface and Canan follows them in order to find her friends. The world she finds over there is initially pleasant: She has a body, it is beautiful out there and her friends are there too. But is it real?

The inbetween universe, the refuge of those who are stuck between life and death, continues with this thrilling, nightmarish second episode. The heroes of the episode are slipping from a paranormal world into a nasty world of artificial intelligence, where pixels are interlocked with evil realities. What is just a game? And what is real? The reader will turn the pages in a haste to find out

Novel, Tudem, 2016, 192 pages

Themes: Mystery, supernatural, computer games,

friendship, adventure

Age: 10+



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