The Inbetween Universe I: The Trap of Tarlakoz

Welcome to the ‘Inbetween Universe’. This is the place where those who cannot breath anymore, but also cannot go to the ‘other side’ dwell. Frightening things happen and Tarlakoz the demon seeks relentlessly for those who remain here – for no one is supposed to escape death. No one really knows who Tarlakoz is and no one has seen it, except those who turned into a real dead. Those who are in the inbetween universe have to watch out. Otherwise, they will be dragged into darkness and no one, including their friends, or birds, or dreams will protect them.

Canan is a soul who remained in the inbetween universe. A traffic accident has drawn her in there and she tries to establish contact with the real world through Kendal, a boy strolling around in the cemetery every day to collect worms. Canan and her two friends hide from Tarlakoz in an abandoned house nearby and  try to cling to friends, birds and dreams to escape their imminent end.

The horror-triad casts back to the age old oriental belief of ‘djinns’ or supernatural demons. People call them “the three-letter ones” as they believe calling them by their name brings bad luck. However, Canan and her friends consider themselves to be “three-and-a half-lettered ones” for they are not genies, they are not alive but they can still feel and act with their own free will.

Novel, Tudem, 2015, 190 pages

Themes: Life and death, resistence,

mystery, friendship

Age: 10+



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