The growing child

Eight little stories about kids that grow up: Do you think seasons happen because of the distance between Sun and Earth? You will find out it is not exactly so. You will also learn that the water level doesn’t rise in Greenland although the ice cap constantly melts down and leaks into the ocean… or you will learn the reason why worms come to surface after rain… The story of Cem, who is in a hurry to grow up, will make you smile. You will be touched to follow up the adventure of Can, who has founded a silent world for himself. You will take part in a birthday party without a proper birthday cake, but still with lots of love and fun. You will see why children and adults sometimes lie, although they know it is wrong to do so.

While the growing-up process is difficult and sometimes painful for everybody, the book views the issue from an optimistic lens and underlines how one should stand firm against difficulties: Despite some difficulties, there is always room for happiness. The heroes of the book are chosen from different socio-economic backgrounds and they are sometimes surprisingly mature and sensible. Toprak Işık impresses young readers with his humorous, friendly language. The Growing Child is a must-read for children, but parents will find much value in this book as well.

Short stories, Tudem, 2009, 88 pages

Themes: Family, friendship, growing up,

childhood, world and universe,

production and consumption, imagination.

Age: 8+



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