The Giant Bunny

Is it a bunny, is it a sheep?

Can a bunny be as big as a sheep?

A baby bunny called Honey lives together with an old woman called Emine. Honey likes to eat so much and grows relentlessly. It grows so big, grandma Emine cannot take care of it anymore. So the bunny decides to leave home and go elsewhere, where it can find a home. But the Giant Bunny keeps on growing and it fits in no house or village. The bunny wishes to return to its small size again, as it misses the grandma. So the Giant Bunny searches for the rainbow, for they say dreams come true if one jumps over the rainbow. Or was it running underneath the rainbow?
The brand new illustrated book by Can Göknil takes little readers to a quest together with a big, hungry, funny bunny.

Illustrated story, 2017, Uçanbalık, 32 pages

Themes: Quest, hopes, curiosity

Age: 3+


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