The Flying Mouse and Hayri the Ghost

“Why are kids going to school, mum?”
“I guess they need to learn life.”
“But is life not on the streets?”

What happens when Hayri, an introverted boy meets a flying mouse who wants to go to school because he wants to be a brain surgeon? This is the story of two unlikely characters meeting and being friends.

The first encounter happens in a candy shop, where the Flying Mouse who cannot fly and a very shy boy see each other. After the Flying Mouse convinces Hayri to take him along to school, this encounter will evolve into a friendship full of discoveries. The flying Mouse starts enjoying school, while Hayri discovers life outside school. As time goes by, Hayri finds out that the flying Mouse’s family was smuggled from Australia on board of a ship in order to be sold as pets.

This light-hearted, funny story discreetly lets children reflect about important issues like nature and city life, school and solidarity.

Illustrated by: Gamze Hayta

Novel, 2018, Tudem, 88 pages

Themes: Self-awareness, city culture,

friendship, discovering life

Age: 7+



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