the dreams of karakura

Ever met Karakura in your dreams? Hear it, you can hear it from inside the wall… There’s a little circus appearing in the middle of the carpet… The neighbouring lady saw a ghost? You are kidding me! You should deliver this doll to its dead owner and not celebrate your birthday too early. For you do not now what happens behind closed doors. And you may lock the door, but you cannot save yourself from those at home!”

Karakura’s Dream consists of seven horror stories, each more exciting than the other. Originally written for children, it will also make adults who believe there’s a hidden monster under their bed happy. The reader will tremble while looking at the closed doors of “Do not Look at the Closed Door”; will try to figure out what is real and what is a lie while reading “The Finch who Saw a Ghoul” and will probably decide an early celebration of her birthday is not a good idea in “The Last Birthday”.

Awarded children’s author Hanzade Servi recommends to read these stories late at night, in the bed, accompanied by a hand torch.

Novel, Tudem, 2015, 200 pages

Themes: Horror, mystery,

adventure, imagination

Age: 10+



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