The Dream Deal

“The Dream Deal” is for children who would like to be the master of their dreams, to be able to see different parts of life and to make every moment in life worth living.

A classroom somewhere… A group of schoolkids receive the task of writing a letter relating their dreams about dreams, dreams that are likely to come true or not. Then they are going to organize a lottery, choose five and try all together to make their dreams come true. All have different dreams, that in fact reveals who this person is. One wants his best loved football team to win a championship, another one wants to have butterflies landing to her heart. But what is the probability of these dreams becoming reality? The lovely classmates are going to try hard to make them real, roaming from place to place behind their dreams.

“The Dream Deal”, the first book of the author Dilek Yardımcı, offers a heartwarming and humorous story that invites young readers to extend the limits of their imagination and to dream a little bit.


Novel, 2016, Tudem, 216 pages

Themes: Differences, imagination,


Age: 8+



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