The Cookies of Aunt Nutmeg

Three friends bored of their monotonous city life search for an adventure. In the meanwhile, they meet an interesting old couple: Uncle Starlit and Aunt Nutmeg.

The three kids are encircled with the consumerist culture; so they are used to buy the newer, the bigger and the more luxurious. Thanks to the old couple they met by chance, they will experience the most awesome adventure of their life: the Chain of Friendship.

The Chain of Friendship is actually a big bartering group Uncle Starlit and Aunt Nutmeg are members of. People who are members exchange the goods they produce and help each other in turn. This way, the kids learn that it is possible to live without money and without constant consumption. At the end, they also start exchanging with the good people in the group.

A lovely book explaining kids how an alternative life with less consumption, less pollution, less money and more friendship is possible.


Novel, Tudem, 2013, 152 pages

Themes: Production and consumption,

bartering, re-using and re-cycling, helping,

social responsibility

Age: 9+



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