The Chubby Fish – In Pursuit of Happiness

This is the story of a fish who cannot fit in the water, for it wants to discover the world. The chubby fish is very curious and tries to find out ways of living outside water. At the same time, his sensei, the Wise Octopus tells it about happiness. But what is happiness and does it exist outside the water world of the little fish?

It is time for the chubby fish to dive deep into waters and search for happiness. The playful fish will swim in the waters of philosophy and discover the feelings of excitement, fear and sadness.

Habib Bektaş’s “Chubby Fish” is an optimistic story of peace and joy of life. The book is illustrated by Mert Tugen.


Novel, Tudem, 2015, 112 pages

Themes: Growing up, discovering life,

happiness and unhappiness

Age: 7+



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