The Boy who was Looking for Himself

Dreaming is nice. It is carefree and joyful. Once someone tastes the joy of dreaming, it becomes somehow indispensable. Of course, if you manage not to lose yourself in dreams.

With his sensible, strong pen, Hamdullah Köseoğlu narrates the “realistic” world of those kids who “lose” themselves. These dreamophile stories make one smile and ponder at the same time. A boy who wishes to be invisible, a girl who wants to be an actress, a kid who starts looking for himself, another one who has a crush on space traveling… While their childish feelings will take them away, the author does not forget to face them with realities of life once in a while: He never lets his little heroes to drown themselves in a sea of imaginary joys.

Still, they do not give up their dreams at the end!

Short stories,  2013, Tudem, 104 pages

Themes: Imagination, following dreams,

curiosity, creativity

Age: 8+



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