The Bogeyman

This is not a regular, traditional tale. We do not have time for this. We are here to crack open the doors to a thousand years old legend. One night, when suddenly a hairy claw pops out of his closet, Topaç screams in horror. But one should not do this, for bogeymen have very sensitive ears. Facing this little problem, bogeyman Gırrgor hides under the bed and nothing is the same after that. Doors of a brand new life open up for Topaç, between our world and Bogeyistan, learning Bogeyish and befriending a purple, hairy bogeyman.

Gırrgor, who had been educated in the famous Bogeyman school in Bogeyistan had the new duty of scaring Topaç off for a while. However, he is a rookie in his job and isn’t exactly a scary creature. According to Gırrgor, who had revolutionary ideas about bogeymanship, the duty of a bogeyman should be to help children and not to scare them. But how can a creature, who is supposed to hide in the closet the entire day and to invent games to scare kids in the night come up with such a good willed initiative?

The unlikely friendship between Topaç and Gırrgor will change your opinions about bogeymen. Despite the fact that you can hardly resist practicing the exercises recommended by the famous juvenile psychologist Mr. Oynak, who himself has roots extending to Bogeyistan. Every time you blink, you will wish a purple little bogeyman jumps out of your closet and comes to roll on your knees.

Bogeyman is an impressive and powerful narrative, carrying the typical humor elements of the successful children’s author Hanzade Servi. A must book for every closet.

Novel, Tudem, 2013, 144 pages

Themes: Childhood fears, friendship,


Age: 10+



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