the blue times

Four teenagers join a contest organized among schools and their award is to spend one week at an archaeological excavation. The site where they will spend their holiday is the water city of Allianoi, near Pergamon.

In the colorful and interesting excavation area, a book called “How to Find Hidden Passages” is thrilling Birce and her friends. In the meanwhile, far from them, some people collected around a world map have nasty plans about the equilibrium of the Earth. There are four big crystals in the world, three are in oceans and one is thought to be in Pergamon and in order to create magnetic deviations and divert water sources, the secret agents are behind the big crystal that a water nymph is holding in Allianoi.

With the help of the book, Birce and her friends decode the mysteries and reach the water nymph in the heart of darkness and save the world from a big danger.

The ancient site of Allianoi was a recent discovery and a topic of hefty debate and protests against the submergence of the site under a hydroelectric dam. “The Blue Times” is an ode to the historical spa town and a homage to the values we acquired from the past. The book sold more than 100.000 copies in Turkey!

Novel, Tudem, 2003, 196 pages

Themes: Archaeology, cultural heritage,

mystery, fantasy, thrill, friendship,


Age: 10+



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