The Birds of Yedikır

Bora and his friends travel together with their families to the Lake of Yedikır in order to camp there and observe birds. They are excited as they will see for the first time the birds they have so far only seen on documentaries. As soon as they learn about the art of bird watching they take their binoculars and start observing birds. When they see a little tern with a ring on its feet, they get puzzled. When they see some more birds with rings on their feet, they wonder who puts these rings there.

Son after, they discover a small hut next to the lake. In fact, the person who is putting rings on birds is very close by. But it won’t be easy for the kids to find out who this is…

At the beginning of each chapter, a small legend of birds brings hints about the upcoming story. These legends tell the young reader why crows are unloved, or how birds were all the same in the past. The book has a sensitive, hopeful language about nature and environmental awareness: It will take readers to a trip in the unknown world of birds.

Despite the lives in which we are stuck, The Birds of Yedikır draw our attention to another world, the world of birds. It reminds us the long-forgotten knowledge of nature between two wingbeats.”Betül Dünder, İYİ KİTAP

Novel, Tudem, 2015, 80 pages

Themes: Nature and universe, love,

communication, birdwatching, exploration,

love of nature, friendship

Age: 9+



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