The Bicycle Racers

A bicycle is the first step of a child towards freedom. With the first pedal, it teaches the child how to stand on her own, how to fall down, and how to get up again.

A group of street friends learn about an amateur bicycle race. From that moment on, cycling is no longer a fun activity but competition. In an empty area next to their street they train aong themselves. One of them, Sur takes the races a bit too seriously and forgets about what they agreed on. At the end, a disease, classes missed, worries about school success, being compared to other classmates.

The book takes into center a very usual story: A group of kids prepare for a bicycle race. However it masterfully treats and questions how the feeling of competition influences their friendship, family relations and relations with school and environment. The bicycle race is not the only competition in their life: They have to succeed at school, in the eyes of their parents and elsewhere.

While placing targets ahead and working hard to realize them is good, it is also good to share, to do things in common and to enjoy life.


Novel, Tudem, 2014, 160 pages

Themes: Competition, winning

and losing, friendship, ambition

Age: 10+



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