The Autoville

Atila is a young boy from a poorer working class family, living in some imaginary town. He fancies the girl she encounters on the road every morning, whom he sees passing by in a car: Defne. She lives an upper-middle class life, but feels alone.

One day, Defne is driving together with her father. A gigantic traffic jam forms at a crossroads after four cars bump simultaneously to their car. Defne’s father convinces the people that they need to “manage” this traffic jam and that they need a “leader”. Slowly, a town is being built around this managerial organization as the cars keep on collecting on the crossroads. The traffic jam becomes a high tower called the “Autoville”. Atila finally meets Defne, but cannot reach her anymore, as Defne’s father, the “President” decides to build a car-palace for him on top of the high tower and no one can reach the top storey. Soon after, he prohibits all communication media in the Autoville, claiming that they threaten the national security of the Autoville. People settle in the Autoville according to their social class, i.e. the poorer live in the lower storeys and they serve the ones in the upper storeys. When the president is out to deliver a speech, everybody must applause.

Rumor spreads that the president has sold the Autoville to the men in black, who would want to use the land on which Autoville sits for a big building project. However, the rumors and voices against the president are silenced brutally by the president’s security. Meanwhile, the two kids hear about the rumors too and they want to get out of the Autoville forever. They will use the large fair that will happen at the junkyard as an opportunity to escape.

A hilarious, elegant parody about the current issues of the world. the book delivers so many hints about today’s worrisome statei yet offers an optimistic light of hope, friendship and love.

Written by: İclal Dikici

Illustrated by: Maria Brzozowska

Tudem, 2018, 136 pages

Themes: Rights and liberties,

totalitarianism, friendship, consumption

Age: 9+



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