The Adventures of Detective Baggydrawers III – Snowy Baggydrawers

The Fairy of Fairy Tales is in trouble: She cannot make anyone’s wish come true. Cinderella asks for her help, but she changes her into a furry guy. Rapunzel’s ears grow longer. The World of Tales is about to disappear. Is the duty of a princess just to make her prince happy? Can Snowy White prevent the disappearance of the tales?

Kids come to Detective Baggydrawers and tell him the characters in the story books they are reading are disappearing one after the other. Did a doll all of a sudden start speaking? Can you only reach other planets from your home phone? No problem. Detective Baggydrawers will solve this case as well.

Novel, Tudem, 2015, 264 pages

Themes: Tales, fantasy,

personal identities

Age: 9+



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