The Adventures of Detective Baggydrawers II – Dr. Dryweed’s Teleportation Machine

The famous scientist Dr. Dryweed announces to the world that he as invented a teleportation machine. However, someone comes out of the same machine and makes him disappear before the eyes of his wife. Actually, Dr. Dryweed has invented a human copying machine and not a teleportation machine. His copies are now behind him.

Baggydrawers, the lisping and most unusual detective of the world, decides to solve this strange and mysterious case. However, he meets Inspector Tightpants, his arch enemy, starts following him everywhere. Now Detective Baggydrawers has to get rid of him as well. Together with the copies of Dr. Dryweed everything gets entangled.

Novel, Tudem, 2013, 232 pages

Themes: Science and technology,

teleportation, inventions

Age: 9+



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