The Adventures of Can and Zortan – 1. Operation Flashdisk – 2. Operation Empty Frame

“The Adventures of Can and Zortan” written by Yıldıray Karakiya, let little readers think about family relations and friendship as well as question our curiosity and habit of asking questions. The two volumes, “Operation Flashdisk” and “Operation Empty Frame” are beautifully illustrated by Gökçe Yavaş Önal.

Can is a lonely child, but doesn’t mind it. For him, his boredom is a good springboard for curiosity, asking difficult questions and experimenting. Can doesn’t mind going behind most ridiculous questions and unnecessary curiosities, accompanied at each adventure by his imaginary friend Zortan. When Can is bored, be it at home, at school or elsewhere, he just gets a dose of dare from his imaginary friend and they go through another mischievous adventure. At the end, there is so much to discover and learn!

With its language inviting to adventures of a detective story, its broadness opening up to discovery and experimenting paired with a zest of natural comedy, this is a happy book that kids would read at once and ask for the next episode.” Sema Aslan, İYİ KİTAP

Novel, Tudem, 2016, 48-72 pages

Themes: Being a single child, curiosity,

imagination, family relations, art,


Age: 8+



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