Super Journalists

The Super journalists series was one of the most-read youth novels in the last ten years in turkey. Four friends going to the 7th grade write and publish a newspaper on their own: The Super Newspaper. While working on the news, they encounter many strange events and find themselves in new adventures. The friendship between the four characters that build the story as well as the problems they have during puberty are related masterfully and sincerely within an entertaining adventure.

In the first book, Evren and Yener, search relentlessly for new interview topics. On the other hand, two girls, Elif and Selin want to work at the newspaper, which is the last thing the two friends want. Finally, they find traces of a kidnapping. What shall they do? Should they inform the police or investigate themselves?

In the second adventure, the four are a team. All they want is to fix an appointment with the mayor. However, they get into trouble when they step into a crime…


The third adventure brings the four into encounter with a crime gang with activities spanning from Turkey to Germany. Plus, now the little brother Arif is also in the business.


The last adventure starts with school vacations. The four want to stop publishing the Super Newspaper until autumn. But adventures don’t wait. An invitation coming to Yener will draw him into danger. And he is alone in the town…


Novel, Tudem, 2009, 4 Volumes

Themes: Friendship, school life,

family bonds, development and research

Age: 10+



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