Squid Pension

Truth sometimes hurts. We sometimes find out that things we took for granted weren’t exactly what we thought they were. And how about miracles?

The story starts in a cozy seaside village where a family runs a small pension. Some guests there are known faces: Rastabi, who suffers from amnesia, the grandpa who loves swimming, Lady Complaints and her husband, Mr. Solutions. And a rooster, who never sings in the morning. Ardıç, the 10-years old daughter of the hoteliers lives a slow, cozy life. She has two good friends: Hayal who visits the pension every summer and Bucika, the boy from next door. But suddenly Hayal and her family feel threatened by an old man and leave the place to never come back. One day, Ardıç receives a phone call from her friend who dropped a letter for her in a tree hollow and wants to find out why her parents wanted to leave the place in such a hurry. Moreover, Ardıç sees Rastabi crying on the shore one day and the folowing morning, he gets lost too. Ardıç and her friends will learn about tragedies from the past scattered onto this calm, lazy holiday place, find out about their past and excavate the truth – sometimes with joy and sometimes with sadness.

The “Squid Pension” feeding from a true story, treats family tragedies and sad surprises of life with grace and humor. With this book, Hanzade Servi invites young readers to believe in miracles.

Novel, 2017, Tudem, 128 pages

Themes: Friendship,

truth vs. mystery, joy and sadness

Age: 8+



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