Sorcerers of Time

A group of schoolkids find the chance to join an excavation project and to experience personally how archaeologists work. They learn about the site of Ephesos, one of the most important Roman towns in the Mediterranean, read and relate many mythological stories and find out about the legend of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesos, a Christian myth about a group of young people who escape into a cave outside the town in order to escape persecution. According to the myth, they sleep there for 300 years.

But in the cave allegedly being the cave where the sleepers were found, they see a strange device spiling around light. Together with Türkan Bey, a crazy scientist and know-it-all, they try to solve the mystery of the cave. In the meanwhile, they also travel through time and meet the real people of Ephesos in the town, just as it was 2000 years ago.

Ancient myths offer a lot of material to any curious mind wishing to travel in time. The book lets young readers encounter ancient mythology, gain awreness about the common cultural heritage we all share in the world and introduces them to the magic world of history and mythology.

Novel, 2009, Tudem, 152 pages

Themes: History, mythology,

adventure, archaeology

Age: 12+



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