The Skeleton in the lost library III – The Mouse Palace

In Ephesus ruins, mysterious things are happening again. A lot of animals are getting lost in one hidden passage, where archaeologists have recently found a number of skeletons. News are reporting about an archaeological smugglery and on top of all this, an archaeologist is lost. Two young friends blogging about the ancient site receive start threatening messages. Strange visitors in the site draw the attention of the site guard…

Seen from a distance, everything is in order. The site is swarming with visitors, the tickets are sold out and the parking is full of tourist buses. However, evil is hidden behind the shiny marble stones. Ceylan, the animals and her friends will unite their powers and stand against it.

The third episode of the series ‘The Skeleton in the Lost Library’, which has already met almost 100 000 readers, brings a thrilling story full of excitement, mystery and ancient history. Young readers will become a part of it, feeling the unique atmosphere of the centuries-old ruins of Ephesus.

Tudem, 2016, 312 pages

Themes: Adventure, archaeology,

Ephesus, mystery, cultural awareness,


Age: 9+



The skeleton in the lost library
The Skeleton in the Lost Library is a joint work of awarded...
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