Simo of Bergama

Bergama, or the ancient Pergamon is not only famous for its historical importance, but also for natural beauties. While forests around the region are cruelly slaughtered for the sake of gold mining by multinational mining companies, the people of Bergama raise their voices in order to save their land from its unfortunate fate.

Simo is a lonely guy living high in the mountains; he preferred a secluded, simple life far from everybody, since he was divorced. When the news arrive that international mining companies will search for gold in Bergama, the people are divided: Some consider it as a job opportunity, while others fear losing their land. When Simo first hears about the arrival of the mining troops, he does not react.  But his son Murat is already working at the mine company as a worker as he is totally money-hungry. Gold extraction requires the use of cyanide, and Simo decides to come down to the plain to organize resistance,  in order to save his son and his land.

His story is the reflection of the tragic story of the people in Bergama, who displayed a heroic resistance against the hands grabbing their land and their life.

Novel, 2007, DeliDolu
296 pages



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