Shattered is an extraordinary novel, relating the cruel military coup of 1980 and its sequels left on the people of Turkey, through the story of a fugitive young leftist, who had to escape persecution. The forty days of his life, his relation to his family, the banality of the daily grind as opposed to the incomplete lives of the persecuted and a polarized, confused, shattered society offer a realistic, poignant scene from 1980’s Turkey.

The novel is constructed on a number of dualities: While searching after the traces of the military coup, it narrates surprises of daily life and their after-effects. Another duality is the polarization of the society into two edges, the double life of the fugitive and the disintegration of the family. The duality continues in the narrative: The narrator changes continuously between the protagonist and a collective conscience.

Mehmet Atilla’s Shattered becomes the voice of a strong love, shattered relations and destroyed lives in turbulent, dark period of Turkey’s recent past.

Novel, 2017, Delidolu, 286 pages

Theme: Military coup of 1980 in Turkey,

fugitiveness, dualities in life, conscience



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