Rhinos in the park

With Rhinos in the Park, Mehmet Atilla narrates a story in which reality is intertwined with fantasy.

It’s an ordinary day and Okan, Senay and Dilek, who get bored playing in the park, try to attach a name and a profession to an unknown old man sitting at a bench in front of them. At the same time, the old man sitting on the bench, who is by the way called Kemal, does the same for them: He imagines a name and a profession for the three kids and tries to find out what will become of them in the future.

And the story starts where Okan, who has become an architect just as Mr. Kemal has guessed visits his brother Orhan and his family. While trying to find the owner of a lost cat together with his niece Okan comes together with his childhood friends as well as the two characters the kids had then imagines Mr. Kemal to be. Meanwhile, Mr. Kemal speaks as an “inner voice” to Okan and becomes the director of this theater-like story.

Rhinos in the Park is a book delivering meaningful messages about the value of dreaming, social relations, communication and friendship.” E. Nida Dinctürk, IYI KITAP

Novel, Tudem, 2015, 160 pages

Themes: Human relations, imagination,

questioning life

Age: 10+



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