Pengu – A New Friend

It’s Pengu’s second year in the maternity school and she already missed her schoolmates and her teacher. However, there is a surprise waiting for Pengu: There’s a newcomer in the class, and it is a little bird.

How did the little bird Boni spend his first day at school? Did others readily accept him?

Pengu is a little penguin visiting the maternity school. In her colorful world she runs from adventure to adventure with her friends and family. Pengu asks often questions that invite little readers to ponder about their thoughts and feelings, to take a self-evaluating look at them and conveys them an important message: “I managed, so can you!”

The naive stories of Selen Somer, illustrated by original drawings of Nurten Deliorman, introduce little bookworms to a dream world, where animals and humans live side by side, in peace.

Illustrated by Nurten Deliorman

Illustrated story, Uçanbalık, 2015, 16 pages

Themes: School, friendship,

dealing with new environments

Age: 3+



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