On the Path of Stories: From Smyrna to İzmir

On the Path of Stories: From Smyrna to İzmir is a comic city history intended for young readers. A group of kids visit one part of İzmir every week. The guide and the archaeologist informing them explain the sites, the finds and how ancient people lived. They start visiting the Neolithic settlements, the Hellenistic foundations of the town, the Roman period and the Medieval times. At last, the kids see old photographs of İzmir.

The characters in the book are actually real persons. The archaeologists Zafer Derin, Meral Akurgal and Akif Ersoy were active as excavation directors in İzmir. The researcher Yaşar Aksoy is a city historian researching about the recent past of İzmir. Sara Pardo, the author worked for long years as a guide.

This graphic novel, illustrated by Mertcan Mertbilek  is an entertaining and informing work introducing the thousand years-old city İzmir to young readers.

Graphic Novel, 2014, Tudem, 90 pages

Themes: City of Smyrna, history,




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