Numbers in the Sea

Numbers in the sea introduces numbers from 1 to 20, together with a playful, funny story in the sea!

The fishermen park their little boat somewhere in the sea and shed their fishnets. But what is this? All the sea creatures who get caught on the fishnet one by one are baby animals. While the fishermen are waiting, unaware of what is happening in the water, the mother sea animals will summon together to see how they can save their babies: And they find a smart solution…

This entertaining book allows little readers to get acquainted to numbers and to count, while enhancing their concentration with little pictorial hints: At each page, one new image is added to the big picture. The rythmical narration from one sea light to 20 sea horses is concluded with a happy ending and exercise pages.

Written by: Didem Ünal

Illustrated by: Oğuz Demir

Illustrated children’s story, 2018, Uçanbalık, 48 pages

Themes: Sea and fish, imagination, discovery,

numbers, asking

Age: 4+



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